• Titan Bingo Bonus Code

Play at Titan Bingo Titan Bingo is an online Bingo site that has been long awaited by the Bingo player community. The name Titan may sound familiar as it goes along with sister sites Titan Poker and Titan Casino. Titan Bingo presents a flash-based game play environment that is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. The interface is powered by the industry favorite, Playtech. Titan Bingo is also part of the Euro Partners Affiliate Network along with a few other online casinos and poker rooms. Bonus codes are becoming quite popular in the online gambling industry as they award players with very lucrative incentives. Knowing how bonus codes work and what they offer you exactly are key elements that every new player should understand thoroughly.

How Bonus Codes Work

A bonus code is a code that allows you to claim a bonus either by simply signing up with a specific website or usually in accordance with making your first deposit. Once you register or a Titan Bingo account and are ready to make your first deposit, you will have the option within the deposit submission form to enter a bonus code. This code will be linked to an offer that gives you a certain percentage reward on your deposit. From site to site, the terms and conditions vary but yet they tend to have a lot of similarities.

This may sound more difficult than it is but if you need any assistance during the process or have any questions at all, you can always reach Titan Bingo support either by e-mail or by telephone. The support staff is available 24/7. If you go into the chat games section, Titan Poker also has what they refer to as Chat Masters. Chat Masters are live chat assistants that can also assist you.

Titan Bingo Bonus Code

Titan Bingo offers new players a unique opportunity. When you make your first deposit of 20 or more, you qualify for a 500% deposit bonus. Be sure to use Bonus Code XXXXX. Now, the 500% deposit bonus breaks down a bit different and the terms of the bonus need to be acknowledged. You receive a 300% bonus on your deposit right away with the maximum in bonus funds allowed being 100.

The other 200% may come or it may not. In other words, if you deplete your bankroll (your account funds) within 48 hours, you will be granted a 200% bonus on your initial deposit. Again, the deposit has to be 20 or more and the maximum allowed in bonus funds is 100.

You will need to contact the support team to take advantage of the 200% should you deplete your bankroll within 48 hours. The e-mail address for the support team is support@titanbingo.com. The bonus for new players is only to be used as one per new player and existing players are not eligible for this opportunity. At Titan Bingo, bonus funds cannot be cashed out. The bonus funds are actually property of Titan Bingo. The purpose of the bonus funds is for you to be able to play using the funds and win real cash from these funds. All prizes and jackpots within Titan Bingo are cash.

Once you request a withdrawal from Titan Bingo, your bonus money will be removed from your account. Additional Titan Bingo restrictions are things such as you cannot withdraw if you have never deposited. You also will not be eligible for special tournaments, promotions and chat games if you are not a previous depositor.

Releasing Your Bonus

Bonuses often have release terms. This means that the bonus moneys are in your account but they cannot be played until they have been redeemed in some way. At Titan Bingo, all real money is used before bonus money begins to be used. For bonuses won in the chat games, the bonus is instantaneous and you can buy bingo cards immediately with the bonus money. New player sign-on bonuses are slightly different. You have to redeem your bonus. This is usually accomplished by playing at the site you signed up for and earning points or coins or something that counts towards releasing your bonus.

At Titan Bingo, you awarded 50% of your real money in bonus dollars as you buy bingo cards. In other words, if you buy 10 in bingo cards, you would release 5 of your bonus moneys. 5 is 50% of 10 and therefore, you release 5 in bonus money. Again, real money is used before bonus money and you cannot withdraw your bonus money. Once you withdraw from your Titan Bingo account, any bonus money will be eliminated. This does not prevent you from obtaining bonus money through future promotional offers or even from winning bonus money within the chat games and tournaments. It simply erases the bonus money you currently have when you cash out.

Titan Bingo is a part of a reputable Titan company that provides a safe and friendly gaming environment. The Turbo SSL certificate keeps transactions safe and secure while the encryption and firewalls protect player personal information. New players and experienced veterans alike should enjoy their experience using the high-end Playtech gaming interface and the compatibility of the flash-based instant-play Titan Bingo. If you run into any stumps using your bonus code XXXXX, you can access the support staff and full contact info via www.titanbingo.com.