•Online Bingo Tips!

Everyone loves Bingo and now there is even more ways to play with Online Bingo! Online Bingo is a really fun and chilled way to have some fun online and make some super easy cash from the comfort of your own home any time of the day! Online Bingo also offers loads of other opportunities to hedge your bets and take advantage of the virtual set up! However, with so many sites out there it is often hard to find the right one for you, but rest assured we are here to help you. Here is some top tips for choosing an online Bingo Hall:

Safety First

Online Gaming is a massive industry now and so there are dozens of casinos out there that offer bingo and who promise to be the best. However, if you are new to online gaming, make sure you know the website you are using is tried, trusted and is fully regulated. Do your research and make sure you read their "About Us" page and check reviews before you deposit any cash. Some of our recommended sites will be listed in the text below.

Check the promotions

With so much competition out there, all the sites will offer various promotions so that you will commit to their site. Always make sure you check the promos page so that you can get the right package for you. Many sites will offer you a £5 No Deposit Bonus so you can check out the site and usually a match bonus on your first deposit to get you started for real, which is always good. However, keep an eye out for the promotions you can get further down the line as well. Wink Bingo offer a fantastic VIP loyalty package that includes Birthday Treats, exclusive bonuses and cashback, as well as tons of great Daily Promotions to reward you for returning time and time again!

Prime times

As well as promos, many bingo sites also will offer special times when particular rooms are open and games are played. This is useful so that you don't miss out on any big cash prizes and can get in on all the promotions on offer. FOXY BINGO for example, offer cash prizes of up to £1000 every Tuesday and Thursday 10am-12pm and have 1p cards on offer everyday from 3pm-5pm!.


Make sure you always have a look at what games you can play on the site as well. Some sites such as Ladbrokes Bingo, offer an extensive variety of games, such as 75 ball, 90 ball and 80 ball games, as well as special rooms. They also offer some Live Chat games to get involved in too!

Have fun

Remember also that although it is a chilled game, Bingo is still a form of gambling, so make sure that it always remains fun and remember to walk away if you think you are losing control. So if you love Bingo, step into the 21st Century and check out one of its online counterparts today!

Best Free Bingo Apps On the Market

Now in the modern age, there is dozens of ways to play Bingo virtually and having to head down to your local Bingo Hall is a thing of the past! You can now easily access Free Bingo in the palm of your hand with your phone or tablet and have some fun from the comfort of your own home or whilst on the move. However, as there is now so many on the market, it is hard to find which ones are the best, so here is a shortlist of some of the best bingo apps that you can download for absolutely free.

Bingo Blitz

Playtika (★★★★) New and approved for 2017, this app is now better than ever. With higher Level Bonus', Gifts every 6 hours and Card Boosters,this app is all about rewarding its player and giving them optimum benefits. As well as offering multiplayer options, it also has great VIP option, with loads more great rewards and benefits. Available on IOS & Android.

Bingo Party

Dataverse (★★★★★) It is a Bingo Party by name and and nature, as it offers a multiplayer option with over 10,000 players at one time! As well, it gives the option to play with as many as 8 Cards, so you can try your hand at a more advanced Bingo Game! Not only this, but with 30 different Bingo rooms to choose from, plus loads more to unlock, you will have loads of variety for where you can play. Available on IOS & Android.


IGG (★★★★★) This super cool app has loads of great minigames and opportunities to win gems which means a more fun gameplay and is also very generous with boosts! It is slightly more challenging than other Bingo games on the market as well, which adds an extra positive element to the gameplay. Available on IOS & Android.

Super Bingo HD

Playcus (★★★★★) If you are looking for attention to detail and super high graphics consistent in a variety of different themes then look no further. It also has some seriously cool extra features that add a personal touch. For example, you can create your own in game profile and chat with players around the world. With loads of rooms, boosters and powerups, you will more than satisfied with this app. Available on IOS & Android. With any of these awesome apps you are going to be more than content, but even if you are not, they all absolutely free so you could even try them all out and find the perfect one for you. Either way, get involved in some dynamic virtual Bingo with one of these app and play on the go today!

Variations on a Classic: Fun Ways to Play Bingo!

Are you bored of playing the same old Bingo game time and time again? Well why not trying something new today, with all these great games that put a unique twist on traditional Bingo!


This super fun game is essentially the opposite of the traditional game. The winner is the one person who doesn't get Bingo! It works so that every time a player gets Bingo, he or she is eliminated until just one person remains as victorious!


This form of Bingo works on the premise of a progressive Jackpot. The game starts with 43 numbers being drawn. If no one gets bingo, then the caller will continue and the prize will rise until someone gets a pattern and this person will be the one who walks away with all the cash!


Sometime referred to as "Quick Bingo" this is a very fast moving form of the game. It consists of just 30 Bingo balls and with cards consisting of only three rows and columns and a total 9 numbers. Games end very quick and are often played in quick succession.

U-Pick Em

As you can probably guess, this works in a way that the players can choose their numbers, almost exactly like a lottery. Very simple and very fun.


If you are from the UK, you may just call this Standard Bingo. However, if you are a US player then you will notice there is 15 less numbers used, 90 to be exact- hence the name. These have tickets that are sold in six strips, with 15 numbers evenly distributed across 3 boxes with each row containing 5 numbers.


The goal of this game to is to cover all the numbers on your ticket and achieve a "Full House". Sometimes, in the same way as Bonanza, this involves a progressive Jackpot.

Horse Race

This is a version of the game that can emit up to 15 players, each with their own number between 1 and 15. These number correspond with the top row of the card and the aim of the game is to get 5 in a row.


In the modern age there is no escaping Facebook, not even in Bingo. However, in this case it is definitely a good thing as they have provided a unique twist on the original with "Power-Ups" which can be won or bought and boost your probabilities.

Electronic Bingo

Quite simply traditional Bingo, however,it varies as it is played on screen, but there is still live players and a person who calls out the number. So try one of these out today, at home, in a Bingo hall or online! Check out the best online website to play these games here