• Bingo History

Bingo Online You might be surprised to find out just how intriguing the history of Bingo in North America really is. It was not a game simply devised by some gaming guru, looking to make a buck, but rather stumbled upon by a toy manufacturer seeking new and more interesting games to develop.

It all started back in 1929 when Edwin S. Lowe, New York toy manufacturer, visited a traveling carnival just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Lowe was passing a large tent when he heard an incredible amount of jovial voices from within.

Upon entering the tent, Lowe observed a large group of people participating in a game termed “Beano”. The game was named for its use of dried beans to cover the numbers on each player’s cardboard cut-out of 25 numbers, laid out in a 5×5 setting.

The leader of the game stood at the front of the tent, drawing one random number at a time from a box, then calling out the selected number. When a player managed to cover a complete line of numbers on his card with dried beans, he would shout “Beano!” A prize was awarded, all cards cleared of their beans, and the game would start anew.

Edwin Lowe was fascinated by the enthrallment of the players. The game went on into the wee hours of the night until finally, the leader of the game was forced to send the home, declaring the game over.

Lowe returned to New York and immediately began developing his own “Beano” game. He drew up his own cards, using 5 random numbers in each column. The first column contain 5 numbers of 1-15, the second 16-30, the third 31-45, the fourth 46-60, and the fifth 61-75.

He then invited a few of his closest friends to his home for a test-run of the new game. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, but one particular player made bingo history when he got so excited by winning, that he jumped from his seat and accidentally shouted “Bingo!” instead of “Beano”. Thus the game, and its know famous name – Bingo – were born.

Edwin hired Professor Carl Leffler from Columbia University to devise 6,000 random bingo cards from the original number pattern, none being alike in combinations. In 1930, Leffler completed the job, but it is said that the professor went insane shortly there after.

Though it started as a fad game, Bingo made several come backs over the years, and is now one of the most popular games in the world. Bingo is the number one method used to raise funds for charitable causes, especially the infamous “Friday Night Church Bingo” games our grandparents are always going to.

In North America alone, bingo card sales amass a substantial fortune in purchases. More than $90 million dollars are spent every year playing Bingo in North America. If you consider that Bingo is way more popular in the United Kingdom than in North America, you can just imagine how many bingo cards/tickets are sold, and how much money is spent, across the bingo-loving globe in a single year.

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