• Choosing an Online Bingo Room

Bingo Online Choosing an online bingo room is not simply a matter of searching Google for “online bingo”, clicking the first site and signing up an account. There is a lot more that should be taken into consideration before choosing an online bingo room to invest your hard earned money in.

In this article, we’ll point out all of the features you should be looking for when choosing an online bingo room.

Choosing an Online Bingo Room – Game Variety

First and foremost, the bingo game you wish to play should be available at your online bingo room of choice. Not every online bingo room supplies all of the variations of online bingo you may be familiar with.

For those of you in North America, you’re probably used to playing the traditional game of 75 Ball Bingo. All across Europe and the UK, 90 Ball Bingo is the game of choice. If you’re seeking something a bit different, try looking for an online bingo room that offers 80 Ball Bingo, or even Speed Bingo (75 or 90 Ball).

Choosing an Online Bingo Room – Bonuses

Online bingo players are constantly seeking the best value, and this generally comes in the way of bonuses. New players can expect match bonuses on their first deposit, but if you want to test out the online bingo site first, before depositing any money into an account, try choosing an online bingo room with a free, no-deposit bonus. For example, Gone Bingo gives out $20 free for trying the site, and is one of the most popular bingo halls, especially among US players.

These are free trial offers that give the player a few dollars to begin with. You can’t withdrawal this bonus, but you can purchase tickets and play the games for real cash prizes. If/When the bonus runs dry, then you can make a deposit and get a nice little match bonus on top of it.

Common first-time deposit bonuses are 100%, 200% or even 300% up to anywhere from $100 to $500. This higher the bonus, the more you’ll have to play with, but the longer it will take to clear the bonus (by purchasing cards and playing side games). You will not be permitted to request a withdrawal until your bonus is cleared, less you forfeit the bonus amount and all winning derived from it.

Choosing an Online Bingo Room – Integrity

The reputation of an online bingo room says a lot about whether you should consider joining. You’re looking for security, reliability, problem-free payments and longevity. Longevity is important because a site doesn’t stick around for long if they do not possess any of the other qualities we’ve mentioned.

You can easily find a number of unbiased user-reviews to find out what others are saying about an online bingo site. You can also view our own highly detailed online bingo site reviews, written by real bingo fans who know what to look for in an online bingo room.

Choosing an Online Bingo Room – Deposits / Withdrawals

What good is it to join an online bingo room if you don’t have a viable way to move funds in and out of the web site. Be sure to check what kind of deposit and withdrawal methods they accept before signing up an account. Take special note of the withdrawal options, as you’ll be greatly disappointed if you make a deposit, and cannot withdrawal your winnings!

Choosing an Online Bingo Room – Player Acceptance

Another very important aspect of choosing an online bingo room is making sure they accept players from your country of residence. UK residents should have no problem here. But for others, especially USA bingo players, this can present quite the problem. Rest assured, there are plenty of USA online bingo rooms out there, as well as online bingo rooms that accept players from other parts of the world.

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