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Online Bingo is big business but there are certain rules of etiquette that need to be followed, just as there are in the Bingo halls.† If you have ever been to a traditional bingo hall you will notice that certain rules everyone follows. For example, in traditional bingo halls your are expected to keep quiet as the balls are being called, so that everyone has a fair chance of hearing the numbers, and listening if someone was to shout Bingo.† You are also expected to be as courteous to other players as possible, at the end of the day everyone has an equal chance of winning.†

Well Online Bingo rooms are not much different the following rules of Online Bingo Etiquette should be followed.† All real money bingo rooms have a chat moderator online 24 hours per day and itís the job of the moderator to make sure the rules of etiquette are flowed and that no one is disturbing play.†

Courtesy should be shown at all times, for example if you have one number to go and your fellow players are in the same position, donít goad them, wish them good luck or send them a short message, after all bingo is meant to be an enjoyable experience not a badgering opportunity.†

Its good manners not to brag about a win, if you are lucky enough to win, accept the compliments but donít brag about it, this will only entice the not so lucky players and cause a bad atmosphere in the room. So make sure to learn how to play bingo online.†

Chat rooms, are meant to provide pleasant conversations, which are bingo related between players, bad language, negative comments, or deliberate goading of another player will not be tolerated in the bingo chat games and the moderator will step in to control the situation.†

It is good manners to congratulate fellow winners, I understand that sometimes, especially in high jackpot games tensions can run high amongst players but its good to remember that if in fact you did win, would you like to see messages of congratulations rather than negative comments from people who werenít so lucky?†

If you stick to these simple tips, you will have an army of bingo loving friends in no time, and itís true what they say the bingo chat can be just as addictive as the game itself.†Visit our homepage to find the best bingo halls.

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