• Play 90-Ball Bingo Online

Online bingo enthusiasts will find three major variants of online bingo at most of the prominent online bingo gaming sites and these include 90 Ball bingo, 75 Ball bingo and 80 Ball bingo. The most popular of these versions among UK online bingo players is 90 Ball bingo, the classic British variant of this popular game of chance. Players who visit the UK will find that this is the bingo variant played at charity events, UK online bingo gaming sites, land-based bingo halls and parties.


The British 90 Ball variant and its American 75 Ball cousin are played in a similar manner. The major difference between the two is in the way the bingo tickets are designed and the range of numbers used. Players of 90 Ball bingo use cards with 3 rows and 9 columns. There are five numbers on each row and the other squares are left blank.

Unlike 75 Ball bingo, where the focus is on covering patterns, 90 Ball bingo gives players 3 ways to win. Players win prizes if the mark off one horizontal line, 2 horizontal lines, or full house. Although 75 Ball bingo enjoys a great deal of popularity at present because of its patterns, 90 Ball bingo is also slowly gaining popularity and is likely to beat 75 Ball bingo in player popularity soon.

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How to Play

Playing 90 Ball bingo online is very easy. The bingo site gives players a chance to manually choose their cards or allow the system to choose cards for them. Once players choose their cards, they are directed to the 90 Ball bingo room, where they will receive a warm welcome from the chat moderator. Players do not have to worry about marking off the numbers as they called because the system includes an automatic dauber, which will mark off the numbers for them. This means that players can just relax, enjoy chat games or side games and collect their winnings if any. Players will win if they cover one line, two lines, or full house or any other pattern established by the bingo site.

Online 90 Ball Bingo

All online bingo sites worth their salt offer all the popular variants of bingo; but some of the best sites for 90 Ball bingo are Bingo Day, Giggle Bingo, Jackpotjoy Bingo, Sun Bingo, Betfred Bingo and Bingo Cafe, to mention a few. This variant of online bingo dominates most UK online bingo gaming sites, some of which have attached huge progressive jackpots to their 90 Ball bingo games.

One of the most exciting ways 90 Ball bingo is played at online bingo sites is the reducing jackpot variant. A series of 90 Ball bingo games are played; and the value of the jackpot is the highest when the first game is played. The number of bingo calls required to hit the jackpot increases and the size of the jackpot decreases with each successive game played in the series. This greatly adds to the excitement of the game and enhances players odds of winning the jackpot.