• Play 75-Ball Bingo Online

Most online bingo sites offer three major variants of online bingo, namely, 75 Ball bingo, 80 Ball bingo and 90 Ball bingo. While the 90 Ball variant is immensely popular in the UK and Australia, the 75 Ball variant enjoys great popularity in the US and Canada. As a result of the advent of online bingo gaming, all bingo variants are now equally popular among people in different parts of the world.

75 Ball bingo is a simple and quick variant and only uses numbers from 1 to 75, this permits the required patterns to be completed earlier.

How to Play 75-Ball

Players of 75 Ball bingo use a card comprising five vertical rows and five horizontal rows with the word "BINGO" displayed on top. 75 Ball bingo, as its name suggests, permits the use of only numbers from 1 to 75. The 5x5 grid used in 75 Ball bingo games has only 24 numbers and one blank square in the center. Numbers from 1 - 15, 16 - 30, 31 - 45, 46 - 60 and 61 - 75 are placed under columns B, I, N, G and O, respectively.

The aim of a 75 Ball bingo player is to mark off the numbers to create a required pattern as they are called by the bingo caller or dealer, who calls out numbers from 1 to 75 at random. The player who completes the required pattern first must shout "bingo" to show that he/she has completely marked off the pattern. The numbers are then confirmed and the winner is given a prize. The most popular pattern of 75 Ball bingo is the coverall, which requires players to mark off all the numbers on the bingo card in order to win.

When players are playing 75 Ball bingo games online, they do not have to worry about marking off the numbers. Online bingo sites are equipped with automatic daubers, which automatically mark off the numbers as and when they are called. Players can simply relax during an online 75 Ball bingo game, chat with chat moderators and bingo buddies, play chat games or side games and enjoy themselves.

75 Ball Pattern Bingo

Although online bingo sites offer all the variants of bingo to online bingo enthusiasts, 75 Ball is still more popular than 90 Ball or 80 Ball bingo because it is so easy to design patterns on the simple 75 Ball 5x5 card. These patterns vary as per the theme and the season. For example, the pattern could be a Christmas tree at Christmas or an Easter bunny at Easter. The player who marks off all the numbers covering the pattern first wins the prize. Pattern bingo games are immensely popular at online bingo sites because a wide range of patterns from letters to complex designs can be used.

Moreover, 75 Ball bingo is easy to learn and does not involve any complex rules or strategies. The pre-purchase feature at online bingo rooms gives players the chance to purchase their 75 Ball bingo tickets in advance. The site plays the game even in their absence and credits winnings, if any, to their accounts.

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